October 30th, 2004

You best jump far

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I love how Dom is the main guest. I mean that just shows how much he is getting noticed. Certainly helps that he's in the most talked about tv show. I love how Donal and Dom get along. Wee in the wetsuit nearly made me wee myself.

Did anyone see that Red bull commercial? OMG

PS- Fucking LJ- I wish they would hurry up and fix the stupid server or whatever the problem is. Let's see if this actually posts...
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You best jump far

Baked chicken, scary movies and a odd glow on the horizon

Well I used my oven for the second time today. Blew the pilot out, had to call Sharlene cause I had no clue how to light it. No I didn't blow anything up trying to relight it.

I've been watching scary movies all day. Well all day considering I slept till noon. God that felt good. Haven't been able to really sleep last in the past few months.

There has been an odd glow on the horizon to northeast most of the evening. I can't figure out what the hell it is. First it was bright like the day. Now it's an eerie orange glow. I've never seen it before.

Now it's almost time for bed again. Have laundry tomorrow, Will bring a decently scary movie to watch at ma's tomorrow. Not too scary, she won't watch it otherwise. I'd like her to see the beautiful Cillan Murphy in 28 days later. But I think that'll give her nightmares.

I'm sure there was other stuff to tell ya about, but frankly I can't think of anything else of importance.
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