November 24th, 2004

You best jump far

mayhaps you come around and see me soon

So I dreamed I was in The Stand last night.

Walking through a field of corn, rats at my feet. Finally coming upon the little run down house with Mother Abagail sitting on the porch.

She tells me a storm is coming and that it looks like I'll be going to see her shortly.
She said that temptation to go where the lights shine the brightest is strong, but I'll want to be where my love is.

Me: My love?

Mother Abagail: Mayhaps your love has been waiting for you.

Me: Me?

MA:Silly child, your love will be the purest this world has ever seen.

Me: ~.^

MA: You come and see Mother Abagail and you'll see.

So if I end up in Nebraska or Colorado, you'll know why.
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You best jump far

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Fudge is chilling in the fridge. Cookies cooling on the counter. Pizza digesting in my tummy.

I can burn cd's on the dvd burner. So I know it's not the burner. So I am still utterly confused as to why I can't burn a dvd- except the first one. I've been reading help forums and I haven't found anything yet with a similar situation.

Happy Turkey day to American friends.
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