November 26th, 2004

You best jump far


The only man who can truly make dirt looking sexy.

Bare feet, sexy gaze, those arms. Could I be anymore in love?
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You best jump far

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won Virtual Hangman in dravenscrow's LJ, so here's Round 139.

The word(title):

T h e
e n g l i s h m a n
w h o
w e n t
u p
h i l l
b u t
c a m e
d o w n
m o u n t a i n

Guessed letters: T, A, H, E, S, I, D, G, L, N, M, O, C, W
Incorrectly guessed words:R, Y

Solved by the lovely mindmangler but the next round will be over at nikkirito's LJ.
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