December 2nd, 2004

Rock star boots

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Going to store to buy ingredients to make fudge - Good.
Inadvertantly listening to "Christmas Shoes" on the way - Bad.

That song makes me cry everytime. And then on a different station on the way home, it played again. Now you would think I learned to just change the station. Noooo. I listen and start crying again.

Anyhoo. Made fudge for Janice. She's gonna make me her world famous (or at least work famous) chili/gaucamole/sour cream/secret ingredient dip.

I will get stuff to make cookies tomorrow for Donna. She's trading me six pieces of her famous fried chicken. She makes KFC look like a McDonalds happy meal.

A small price to pay for good eats. Speaking of which. I'm off to make myself some dinner.
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You best jump far

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My fudge didn't turn out so well. It didn't set right. It looks like shit.

No. Really. It's looks like little square turds.

I can just image what Janice is going think.
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