December 11th, 2004

You best jump far

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Went to Applebee's for my Dad's birthday. It was nice. My da is such a cute old man. I've often referred to him as Saint Nick (as his name is Nicholas). He probably won't like me calling him old, but eh- whatever.

Did a virus scan on Ma's computer- found 7 viruses. Eeks. I'm doing one now- just in case.

Appartly my dvd writer doesn't like the high speed port. I'm thinking that my computer kept shutting down, because when the card is plugged in it gets too hot. So no card plug in. Just burn off the regular USB port. It's slow, but at least it works. Burning my second dvd of the day. If it finishes before bed, I'll start another. I should have all the Lost episodes on dvd by tomorrow night.

Got a x-mas card from amnesiasajoke and one from little___hobbit. Thanks my lovelies.
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