December 29th, 2004

You best jump far

Swings, play things, and help me sing

Today Jim, Clint and I educated Donna about sexual diviance. We told her about swings, bondage, riding crops and other pleasurable items. She blushed profusely hearing some of the things we were talking about.

It was a slow day at work.

Ok...Now if any of you all can help me out- I would appreciate it. I'm looking for a song. I'd ask for it in teh_music except I don't know the name nor who sings it. I've heard it on the radio a few times, but not a single station around here ever tells you the name of the damn song you're listening to. It's got a hypnotic rhythm guitar. It's a man singing. But it may be a band as there is a bit of harmony. The chorus repeats something along the lines of "If I had it all, I would trade it all, for just one thing. Wouldn't that be something" I tried to google it, but none of the lyrics I found match anything close to that.

Thank you starrylove.

Other this, my day was pretty boring.
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