January 13th, 2005

Piano Man

You could have been me

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So it's Thursday. It was extremely foggy today. I could feel the humidity just sitting in the air. Heavy but coldly refreshing. And that's the weather.

Sharlene and Sean are gonna be moving. They found a nice apartment in Worcester. Which is closer. Maybe I'll get to see them more outside of work now. Sharlene was so excited. Which was nice cause she got so pissed off yesterday. That's the gossip.

Today we had the unemployment people come in to work today. They do this seminar type thing, explain benefits, and steps that are needed, yadda yadda yadda. It was informative. That's the news

Here are the happenings. I did a bit of cleaning around the house tonight. Mostly the kitchen table. Everything always ends up on the kitchen table.

And for tomorrow. It'll be Friday. I get to go food shopping. I was gonna go tonight, but with the fog, I'd rather not.
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