February 5th, 2005

You best jump far

Did you feel that?

I gotta learn not worry about that the things I see on TV. Particulary the discovery channel. Watching a show about supervolcanos. The same thing happened when the whole asteroid thing was big. I heard once that if a natural catastrophe was going to wipe the human race, it will end up being something we never even saw coming.

I have no idea what the people downstairs are doing, but there is this constant pounding. It's driving me bonkers.

Time for lunch...er... dinner...er...food.
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You best jump far


My brother called. He is a goof ball. We were talking about what we'd come back as after we die. He decided he wanted to come back as the thing that has plagued his youth. A pimple.

That cracked me up.

Anyone know if anyone from Lost gonna be at the SAG awards?
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