March 18th, 2005


Did I just say ass hole in an interview?

A few days ago I got an invite to the Museum's annual appreciation event. I'm thinking of going. It's free and it's the day before my birthday. Might be a good birthday present to my self. We'll give it a week to see how the job status is before I RSVP.

So I interviewed with the biggest employment agency in the state today. Funny, I'd never heard of them before I called them. It was odd being interviewed by a boy probably 5-7 years younger then me. We got on nicely. However I accidently described some of my previous customers as assholes. Eeks!! The guy Derek says, "it's ok, it's casual Friday, you know". The rest of the interview I made sure to watch my language though.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to wordsbyallie. She's my ma. Yup yup.

Oh BTW- did I miss an e-mail? I got a cd from swoonstar today (which I love - great choices. and special thanks for the flyer). I haven't gotten anything saying it was time to send anything... gabrielrose?
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Watching Halloween:Resurrection is not condusive to to feeling safe walking through the house in the dark. I accidently brushed by a plant and nearly jumped a mile out of my skin.

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