April 4th, 2005

Run around

This way- follow me

Went to the movies with my mom. We were going to see Sin City- but we decided Miss Congeniality 2 would be better.

I ran some errands today. I got my oil changed. Went to the post office (fieryrogue the mag just went out today) and went to the bank. At the bank I had the nicest teller. Most of the tellers I've ever dealt with usually don't say much more then how can I help you? Too bad it wasn't my usual branch- may have to go out of my way more often.

Going to set up my uncle's dvd player tomorrow. My dad and I are going to see his living conditions for the first time. According to my brother, they're not that good. The hope is that we can subtley persude him to looking at applying for housing to get a place like my parents got.

I spent a good portion of the weekend cleaning around the apartment because I kinda expected my landlord to come over- it's not like my place was a mess- but I did come dusting and and sweeping and such. She went downstairs, but never upstairs. The water company was tinkering with the pipes this morning. The water pressure is bit weird now in the kitchen- hopefully it isn't that way in the shower. That will just piss me off otherwise.

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