May 3rd, 2005

You best jump far

Cast off my old skin

So I am now registered to take the GED test. Over the course of three nights next week I will be sitting in a classroom of sorts racking my brain over questions I may never be asked again. Sad were my cohorts in registration. Four boys (ages from 17 to 25) were there. None of them could figure out how to fill out the forms. None knew how to fill out a money order. And none understood the concept of filling in the little bubbles on one of the registaration forms. And one of them said he needed to tek the GED to get into the military. OMG, how scary is that?

I have an interview tomorrow at Staples. It's where Sharlene works. I've got her reference as well as Mike Swimm (I used to work with him too). So hopefully all goes well.
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