June 8th, 2005


With the thunder crashing and the lightning flashing

It is soooo freaking humid right now. The rain is heavy and there have been a few rumbles and flashes. I wanna take a cold shower, but I have my mothers voice in the back of my head.

I'm trying to wait to put in the air conditioner. It's been warm but my fan is fairly sufficent.

I did laundry tonight. The laudrymat was hot, but if you stood in the right place you got the breeze from the ceiling fan.

Oh this was an interesting entry. All about the weather. Goodness, I need a life.

Oh yeah I got invited out again for Friday. Karoke. Maybe a after a few shots I'll show my true colors. Yeah.

I'm tired. I finally caught up on my flist- I owe some people some comments. I'm just waiting for my virus scan to complete, then I can go to bed.

*hugs* to everyone on my friends list. Some of you need it more then others.
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