June 24th, 2005

You best jump far

I never even met the dude.

What a day.

First thing's first- I'm ok.

First this morning I came out of my bedroom and was overwhelmed by a gas odor. But I'm on a pretty tight schedule when I wake up, so I do my thing and get to work. I call the gas company and they tell me someone will be over in an hour. But I'm already at work, I can't leave. So they say no problem- they'll shut off the gas. Well I tell them ok. But what about when I get home, I need gas for hot water and cooking. Ok fine- they say the gas man will come back and turn on everything and light all the pilots once I get out of work.


The gas man just left. Everything is fine.

I am re writing what was going to be my novella. The story is slightly changed, but now it's a screenplay. There's a lot of downtime at work, so I'm using it wisely. I've got nine page done since this morning. That's a lot of downtime.

I am off to do... something. Either laundry, or a hair cut. I'll see where my car takes me.

I've been dying to use this icon. So I'm gonna.
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You best jump far

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For my local lovelies- Hetty is on at 9pm and again at 10pm. The 10pm episode is the naked butt in the shower episode.
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