December 9th, 2005

You best jump far

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Finally got my ass outside to dig my car out of the snow. I should have done it early and kept up with it while the snow was actually falling. But I was too lazy. I could barely get the snow out from the front of my car. The back of the car is going to take quite a bit of time. Between the plows and the 8" of accumilation, there is about 2 feet of snow behind my car. I should have asked the two guys that came to my door earlier if they would take a check. I really didn't want to shovel. What I got done left me achy and out of breath. I'll go back out in a few minutes or 30 and try and do some more.

I need to try an atleast get out of the driveway. I have the museum tomorrow. It might take me till then to do it, but with bob as my witless, I will do it.

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