October 3rd, 2006

You best jump far

purple people eater. I don't know any purple people.

Today was a decent day. Kinda dragged at the end though. I got an interview for an HR position tomorrow. I will try to make my best impression. I really want out of my department. Everyone knows it too.

This week is customer service appreciation week at work. They have little treats an such. Today was taco day. And Pirate day. Yup. Each day we have the option to dress up to a certain theme for prizes. Tomorrow is cowboy day, I don't have anything remotely cow boyish. Besides I have to look nice for the interview. Thursday is biker day. I got that down pat. And Hippie day on Friday. I got a few ideas for that.

I got invited to a party on Saturday night. That will be fun. Visiting Sharlene on Friday. . Next weekend a few of us from work are meeting up with a former associate. Then the weekend after I got invited to a Halloween party. Goodness, I'm popular this month.

Heroes was great last night. I just hope the mythology doesn't get too thick like Lost. Which OMG !! is tomorrow night!!

Yes, this is my life. Plus you guys. Which I'm trying to comment more... I'm only happy when you love me. =D
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