October 4th, 2006

Matt kisses Dom

I say sophisticated things

I think my interview went rather well today. My manager Joe though went and kinda spoiled my high by pointing out that he didn't think the position would be challenging enough for me. Sadly, I think I rather agree. But at this point I just want out of my department, I'm willing to be bored and unchallenged. I think. I don't know now. because I want out, but if i'm going to go to a job that bores me, will I burn out quicker?

Have any of you ever had a truly boring, unchallengeable job? Did you stick with it? Did the boredom just make you want out?

I haven't even been offered anything and I'm already conflicted.

Lost in like 20minutes. OMG!
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Sharlene got out of work early and came over and watched Lost with me. That was lovely. I haven't had company in ages.
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