October 26th, 2006


Shadows of echoes and memories of songs

I am evil. I concocked a (semi)devious plan to get back at a co-worker. The funny thing is everyone else in the department is in on it and they are enjoying it.

Yesterday, Michael won a new office chair during a raffle. He has been insanely and annoyingly imitating Don Corleone. The chair is this big ass black leather manager's chair. Michael has even gone so far as to find a wav clip of the Godfather theme and plays it every chance he gets.

So... We have decided to kidnap and hold his chair for ransom. =D

A few years ago, Mikey had tricked me by pretending to be an extremely difficult customer. I promised him one day I would get him back. Now is my opportunity.

We even have the ransom note all set up. Taken right from the Godfather himself.

We are all very happy with the plan and I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
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