October 27th, 2006

Dancing alien

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Having some serious fun today. Mikey is all confused. He cannot figure out the conspiracy or who's behind it. I have discovered how good an actor I am. Michael seems to trust that I haven't had a hand in this. Boy is he gonna be buggered to find out that I am actually the one behind it.

He came in late this morning. Which was perfect. We had taken a few pictures of the chair last night and I used PSP to superimpose the chair in various locations. Mikey thinks they're clues to the chairs location. I sent the pictures along with emails from "Don Corleone". Everything has a Godfather theme to it.

Michael has agreed to the list of demands and will be given his chair on Monday. One of the demands is bring the team coffee and donuts on Monday morning.

I am enjoying myself immensely today.
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