December 22nd, 2006

You best jump far

You make me stay when I should not

My only happiness this holiday has been that I received my pension check from my last job, last night. $2000 in my bank account. All but $200 is going to one thing or another that has been needing my attention. 

I colored my hair last night. It's really dark. Which somewhat subconcisously matches my mood as of late. 

Gonna spend the night at Sharlene's. I've missed the baby so much. I haven't seen her in over a month. I got her a little gift. More for mommy then the babe, but I'm sure no less appreciated. It's a piggy bank.

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You best jump far

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Just read a quick little snippet on Keifer Sutherland and he had this to say about dating:

"When you have five 16-hour days back to back, though, it is tough to tell someone, `The only way you can spend time with me is to live with me.' It's certainly a weird question to ask on a first date."

My first thought was- I'd have no problem with that. :-)

It's only two more weeks to 24,right?
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