May 22nd, 2007

You best jump far


So I went and did laundry tonight. Then I went to Walmart and bought an air conditioner. It was bitch carrying the damn thing. After installing it, it was like a reward to turn it on and feel the cool. I need to get a new external hard drive. Mine died. As long as my computer doesn't konk out, I can get by till the weekend.

I could care less about Idol. I'm terribly upset about Melinda getting voted off last week. She was the reason I watched this season.

Bah. no House tonight.

Heroes was very good. somethings were kinda left up in the air. But I guess that was season two will be for.

I saw Shrek 3 over the weekend. I left with an urge to have an orge baby. The urge didn't last long. Gonna see Pirates this weekend. Visit with Sharlene on Sunday. Have Monday off to recoup. Things are looking good.
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