June 27th, 2007

You best jump far


Today sucked. I got up early to go on my first interview. I sat an hour in traffic and when I get there, I'm told, "oh didn't they call you? the position has been filled". Fuckers. That served to piss me off big time.

Then as I am walking to my car, my knee gave out. Usually I can catch myself, not today. Today I fell to the ground. Which probably wouldn't have been too bad, except it was hard concrete and I was wearing a skirt. My good knee was demolished. Skinned within an itch of it's poor pitiful life. This just made me upset.

I called mom and cried my eyes out. On my way to see mom, I decided I was going to the ER.

Spent about 6 hours.

Only upside, I have Vicodin.
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