August 2nd, 2007

You best jump far


The show was really good. I'm slightly disappointed, because I only knew like 4 songs. The fiddle player was crazy good. Some chick in the row behind mine drank herself sick and puked on the chick on front of her. Big scene. I;m just glad they were towards the middle of the row. I was also pissed because I couldn't take my camera in. A few people around me snuck theirs in. A lot of people have camera phones. Once I get back to work, I want to invest in one of those. There were a few people smoking pot, I kept inhaling deep, hoping for a contact high. No such luck. Getting out of the parking lot was a joy. NOT. A Jeep about three cars ahead of me overheated and the radiator pretty much blew up. Thick smoke and the like. Security helped him push it out of the way. Sucks to be him.

The ride home was nice. Barely a soul on the road. Managed to find a 24 hour Mickey D's because I hadn't eaten since about noon.

My feet are killing me. My knee gave out on the stairs on the way in. I kinda crawled the rest of the way. I took a pill. Now I am going to bed.
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