August 24th, 2007

You best jump far


Urgh... I feel like such an idiot. I found a job on Monster that I would be perfect for. I composed the perfect cover letter. I went over it like five times making sure it was perfect before I sent it. And what did I do... I forgot to attach my resume. I sent another email with the resume. Of course I made a note in the second email that I obviously wasn't off to a good start.

I feel like I've been lazy lately. I have been playing on the computer and playing my guitar. I made my first mini movie icon... Not great, but it's a start. I'm composing a song on my guitar. I hope that it'll be good enough soon to record.

Stelly posted the link to the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. It looks rather cool. However I can do without Jason Lee.


Back to your lives.
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Sinking moon / icon_goddess


My lovely friends list...

I have a question. I have a song that I downloaded from itunes that I would really like to put onto my MP3 player. But as the name suggests, it plays MP3's not M4P. I have tried everything to convert it, but it's "protected". I understand that there is a way around this, but I am at a loss. Can any one help me? I can only find this song on iTunes - unless I want to buy the whole damn cd- which I really cannot afford at the moment.
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