September 12th, 2007

You best jump far


My seasonal conception is ass backwards. I do my spring cleaning in September. I dismantled my entertainment center because it was falling apart. The shelf that held my tv was sagging to the point where I realized it was at enough of angle everything seemed off. I called Sharlene to help me come bring it downstairs. She's so great. Anyway, I thoroughly douched the house over the past two days. My back is aching and my allergies are acting up, but it I'm rather pleased with the results thus far.

I'm rather pissy because the position I interviewed for last week was re-posted. I called the recruiter and was told that I wouldn't be a good fit with the company. Seriously. Could they have picked a better way to destroy my ego.

I sucked up that ego and applied to TJX (their corp office was around the corner of Staples). After all their negative press this year, I really didn't want to even try applying with them. But I have to wonder if the "bigger and better things" could be with a company I didn't want to work for.

That's all I got.
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