December 12th, 2007

What stress?  / krankykitty_missourigirl


I hadn't even had my new phone 24 hours and I dropped it on the ground this morning when I got out of my car. Thankfully nothing broke. I've spent a better part of the night trying to figure out how to put music and pictures on my phone. I should have just realised that it was just like putting them on my MP3 player. *smacks forehead* Duh!

My downstairs neighbor cleaned the driveway and my stairs of any leftover ice. Of course; it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Bugger. I love New England.

Tomorrow is a xmas party at a restaurant after work. Luckily both work and the restaurant are close, but I still hate the fact I have to drive in snow period. I wanna go just because I am starting to get closer to more people at work; I'd like to experience people outside of work.


This year has been a sucky year medically for my family. Grandpa may have had a minor stroke last night. Apparently he was babbling and not responding to my grandmother. Grandma called my parents and despite my mother's insistence at calling 911; she had a list of other things that she felt needed to be done instead. Mom called 911 on their behalf. Brought Grandpa to the hospital. From last I heard, Grandpa was still in the hospital and undergoing a battery of tests.

While sending positive thoughts my Grandfather's way, I'd like you also send positive thoughts towards stefsoleil and her mom. (((*big hugs*)))
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