December 13th, 2007

You best jump far


Remind me I need to do something nice for neighbor downstairs. I decided to go out and shovel my steps. I was halfway down when my neighbor opened up the window. He said;" what are you doing? Are you going somewhere?" I told him I would have to most likely work in the morning." He asked what time. I told him since we got out early today I would go in most likely for 8 unless they had a late start.

He told to go upstairs and warm up. Said that he would have the driveway and stairs done in the morning. I told him that I could do it. He said he has a snow blower and he likes using it.

I said that I could at least do the stairs. He said not to bother as the snow wasn't going to end for a few more hours and he would just do them again in the morning. He again told me to go upstairs and warm up. His wife was in the background saying that I shouldn't be out in this weather.

I love them.
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Coming undone / bruisedcreation


I guess Supernatural is new tonight. W00T!

I gave myself a charlie horse taking off my boots.

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