December 20th, 2007

Matt kisses Dom


We had out potluck and yankee swap at work today. I feel kinda of guilty because I ended up with the present I bought. I had picked a bottle of wine (I don't drink wine- but I at least hoped to re-gift it). However the woman who picked my present was eyeing the bottle of wine and opted to trade. No one traded for it. I am now the owner of a new massager.

I set it up already and goodness it feels good.
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Dancing alien


I can't be knackered to edited my previous post.

I brought my cheesy salsa dip for the pot luck. before the actual potluck began, Carol (one of my co-workers) wanted me to put it out because she figured snacking on chips and dip would tide her over till lunch. Between her, Jeannette and Heidi they wiped it out. There was none left for the pot luck. They couldn't stop raving about it. This made me happy.

This back massager is the bomb. I am in love. I already feel like I could dance. (like my icon)

Do you think I can post 14 more times before the end of the year? I will need to post at least twice a day. I'm sure about randomness. Because my life is so enthralling.
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