January 3rd, 2008

On the floor / seldomspeaking


I am so effing cold. And sore.

I've been trying to organize my chaos -er- kitchen. The bane of my existence has been a circa 1980's microwave that has been sitting on the kitchen floor for about 8 months now. I can lift it, but I can't carry it. The sucker has to weigh at least 75 pounds. I finally slid it across the kitchen floor and it to the hallway. I carefully slid it down each step till I could lift it to a space I cleared on the landing. Not really a landing, more like a little extra storage space next to the stairs. I'm going to have to bother my brother sometime in the spring to come over and carry it out to the curb so I can throw the damn thing away. =)

I think however, I pulled a muscle. My left bicep is sore and twitchy. Either that or I gave myself a workout. =P

I cleared up some boxes of stuff too. I went into the closet of death. Aptly named because it is like a crypt; cold dark and creepy. It's a closet within a closet. It's got the stuff I want to keep but don't have room for at the moment. Fish tank. Guinea pig cage. a few boxes of stuff. Also a vacuum cleaner that I didn't know I owned. =O

I dunno what is up with the faces. Just trying to be amusing I guess.

Did I mention I'm cold. This apartment really does not retain heat well. It probably doesn't help that it is 5 degrees outside right now. (that's -15 for you metric persons).

I've been having some really vivid dreams lately. The other night I had a dream where I found out my ex died in some horrible motorcycle crash. However my only concern was going to see a Broadway show. I kept getting turned around and ending up in the lobby or parking garage. Then last night I dreamed that I moved into a really nice roomy house, but it was going to be condemned unless I reinforced the flooring (in my dream. I could actually lift my house up and place cardboard and plastic sheeting under the foundation to acheive this). It was especially weird because apparently the house was also a sweatshop where midgets worked and residence to a MASH unit. Alan Alda and all. I can't wait to wake tomorrow and see what my brain has managed to come up with overnight.

that's all folks. Move it along. Nothing more to see here.
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