February 9th, 2008

You best jump far


Oh goody. I might have a new tv soon. My old one has been really bad for a couple of months now. The picture is severally discoloured. Everything has a green tinge to it. Anyway, my friend Sean bought a new widescreen flat panel for himself and is willing to sell me his old 36in for $200. It's a Sony Wega (tube tv) and about 4 years old but it's been taken care of really well. He said he'd even deliver it.

Next week is Morgan's birthday (Sean and Sharlene's daughter) so we'll finalize details then.

I spent three hours on the phone with Sharlene tonight. It was wonderful to be able to talk to her. Before with my old phone I worried about not having enough minutes. I don't have that worry anymore. We talked about everything from family to current events.

I am trying to organize my computer. Deleting old files, duplicate files, files that I am no longer interested in. I have been burning a dvd a night trying to save what I might want to have in the future, so I can make room. I have a 250gb hard drive and am currently using 50% of it. My external hard drive is even worse. It's down to 30% free. I need to spend time on that too.

Normally this is the point I'd say my life is boring, but there is so much more going then I care to say. Family stuff, mostly. Work is going great. I really like my job. I should find out within the next two weeks when I'll be going permanent.

I'm so glad for the weekend.
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