July 1st, 2008



That have you ever meme. I thought I'd done a lot more. But I think this thing just ain't asking the right types of questions.

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Went and saw Wall-E Friday. I absolutely loved it. I need to see it again. I want a little Wall-E for myself. I could also stand to have Mo following me around cleaning up my messes. =)

Went out to dinner Sunday with my family. It was my cousin's birthday. I have steak. The thing was huge. I took half home. Believe it or not but it actually tasted just as good when I reheated for dinner the following night.

Not much else going on. Had a few thunder & lightning storms today. Did my laundry. Am catching up on my flist. Sorry I haven't been commenting much. I know there are more then a few people who need some serious hugs and well wishes. I just don't seem to have the words to try and make things better. I know in a few cases, words won't mean much, but know that you are in my thoughts.

Much love.

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