September 28th, 2008

Heat of the moment / katysam


Still in Florida. Had a wonderful day. Met Jared. Dude is way tall. And out and out gorgeous. I wore my Patriots t-shirt and Jared had few words (some not very nice- jokingly-of course) and every time I went back for the next photo op, we talked a little more about football. Made me feel all squishy.

Fred called me his "favorite wallflower".

Travis also had a reaction to the Pats shirt. But I made him laugh, so our picture has him with the biggest shiteating grin on his face.

I so cannot wait to get home to scan the photos... My picture with Jared is perfect. My cheeks aren't too fat and my hair didn't look all that bad.

I've uploaded a crap load of pictures (but not all) to Photobucket. There are photos and a few videos. I'll upload videos to youtube over the next few days. It took a while to get the right setting on my camera for each event, because the lighting kept changing. Some of the concert footage is too big (megabyte-wise) to put up and my laptop doesn't have a good editing software.

Going to crash soon. Have to get up early to fly back home.

I can't believe I'm in Florida. I can't believe I met Jared. I am so very happy right now.
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