November 13th, 2008



The car comes to pick me up in 40 some odd minutes. I slept for shit last night. Well I sleep for shit every night, but last especially. I had a bad dream when I did sleep.

Anyway, I should probably be off getting ready, but I seem to be all ready.

Chicago, here I come.
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Enter at your own risk


Made it to Chicago. Made it to the hotel. Slightly annoyed as I have room on the first floor. But whatever.

The trip was good. The flight was under-booked so the seat between myself and the aisle was empty. I listened to my MP3 player the whole way. The flight attendants were all male and very gay. It was cute the way they kept brushing up against each other.

The hotel is literally a few minutes from the airport. Close enough that planes coming in for landing are close enough to read and wave to.

The ride to Logan sucked out loud. There was a lot of traffic and the driver of the Towncar liked to ride the ass of the car in front of us. And he farted. It was gross. To say the least.

Anyhoo. I'm going to take some pictures and maybe to a shower. Definitely find something to eat and do whatever to pass the time.

Will post later.
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*palm face* / mata090680


The time zone difference is freaking me out!! What worse is the alarm clock in my room is 5 minutes slow and there is no way to change it.

I walked over to the Target next door (er- sorta next door. There is a huge arena parking lot between the hotel and the Target shopping center). Got a few things like bottled juices and potato chips (because I haven't had potato chips in almost 6 months). I got a nice chicken ceaser salad from their cafe.

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Don't you wish you were here?
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