February 7th, 2009

Can't take the sky from me / serenitysan

Everybody look at your pants.

So I went into Boston today to interview with a staffing agency. Yeah, I know, on a Saturday. My GPS, Maggie, was useless in the city. She declared I had arrived at my destination in front of a three story brownstone in the wrong zip code instead of gleaming steel office building where I needed to be. Thankfully the guy at the staffing agency was patient with me as he directed me towards his office.

However it would still appear it may have been a waste of time as the position he wanted to offer pays about $3 less then my bare minimum requirement. However after a lengthy casual-like conversation, he may have another company he can try to get me into that could match my pay requirements. The guy at the staffing agency was real nice. The "interview" was more like a bull session. Real relaxed and casual. We spoke for near an hour, discussing my needs and desires (for work-get your minds out of the gutter) and of course, past experience.

I hope for the best, but - eh, we'll see.

Anyway. I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out some of my grandparents belongings. This was the task that had been presented to my uncle who has been living in their former residence. I managed to do more in two and half hours then he has in the nine months he's been living there. I even swept the kitchen floor. Managed to bag up five bags of clothing to give to good will. About four more bags of clothing and miscellaneous items went to trash. The sad thing is I'm not even done. There is a whole basement of clothing still yet to be gone through. I did manage to find $5 tucked in an old purse. That was good, yeah?

I have had a wicked craving for Chinese food for the last few months that I have finally sated. I felt like I deserved a treat after my arduous task yesterday and my hapless pursuit of gainful employment today.
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