March 30th, 2009

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Finally got around to doing things

Finally got around to doing my final unpacking and rearranging. Put up my curtains from my old apartment and discovered that they would actually look better in my mom's room.

Got my computer back. No clue what was actually wrong with it... it works now. Got a new 22" wide screen monitor on clearance. Caught up on all my shows except Kyle XY.

I finally got around to scanning my photo pix from Cherry Hill. Those will be after the jump if you is interested. Not resized, so not very dial-up friendly.

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I would make a half ass landlord

So my grandparents house is a two family home. The upstairs tenant has lived here for 17 years, The lock on her door wasn't working lately. The tumblers inside the lock were worn down. It just happened I had purchased a new doorknob/lock set for our door, but hers obviously needed it more. I got the set up installed except I could screw it in. I would catch the interior holes with the screw, but as soon as they caught they wouldn't turn, even with a power screwdriver. She accepted the set up with out it being properly screwed. I feel like a failure.
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