April 12th, 2009

Dean Rock on / mata090680

Blue skies

Today was a good day. Had my family over for Easter. Made a ham dinner. Then had ice cream cake. Dairy Queen messed up. They were supposed to do a half sheet, did a whole sheet. They gave me discount since it already had my name on it.

My brother and niece were beating each other up (playfully) at the table and everywhere else. Made for fun pictures and stuff. Speaking of dining room table... we got a new table and chairs on Friday. Very lovely. Can fit 8 people without much difficulty. Couldn't really say that about the old table.

Won $100 on a scratch ticket yesterday. I know, why am I scratching tickets when I'm still unemployed... Wishful thinking I guess.

Got $120 and $50 gift certificate. I'm on a candle kick lately. So it will help.

Only a day early... but a very happy birthday to my birthday buddy... amnesiasajoke. You're looking beautiful babe.

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