July 8th, 2010

Driving with Dean & Sam / pieces_of_m3

Well, here I am.

Made it to Jersey. Spent 40 minutes stuck in traffic not even five minutes after I left my house this morning. Otherwise, I made good time.

My room wasn't ready when I got here. Which was fine. I went in search for a liquor store. My navigation doesn't have that as a point-of-interest, so I kinda wondered a bit. Finally found a place and have made safely back to hotel.

Not sure what I am going to do for dinner. I'm starving...

Sorry, but I'll likely be spamming my journal all weekend with con stuff. That's just my thing.
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You best jump far

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I don't tweet enough to care about lj cuts at this time.

09:34 Leaving in about an hour for my trip to the NJ con. I may spam you all in the coming days, so I apologize in advance. #

09:56 Total Travel Estimate: 4 hours 8 minutes / 228.22 miles. This doesn't include time spent at tolls or rest stops.. #

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