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You best jump far

Just a matter of trust

nicked from my Kat. Yes she's mine- no, you can't have her.

Trust Metric

My trust level is: 83%

LJ username:

I think you all are giving me way too much credit.

Having waaaaay too much fun with the new Dom Lost picts. Many an icon has been made this evening.


Yes, your Kat *snogs*

I'd trust you with my life, darling =]
Ah, I'm so confused about how to do the trust metric thing. O.o

I love pictures, and I'm so glad you revived me so I could see the precious. :)

If you've already signed up with the site- click the red LJMeme link in the right hand box (after you click the "do you trust me?" in the red box) and you'll get a list of everyone on your friends list. you select a number based on how much you trust that person and then it calulates trust level with your results and the results of those who've already taken the meme.