March 11th, 2011

Mia tat

Silence is the scariest sound.

Since I'm here...

I have completed my fourth week of employment. It's so awesome having a job. I am working with my friend Sharlene again. She had my position created with me in mind. I wasn't the only one who interviewed, but she knew I was the only who could do all the tasks she had in mind. My job description kinda changed this week because one of the regular customer service girls is going out on temporary disability to have her tonsils out. So I've been getting a crash course on different tasks than what I had already been trained on.

Anyhoo. Not a terrible lot going on besides work. I enjoy getting paid. I've already started taking over some of the bills my parents had been very generous about paying for me in the last two years. So that should help ease some of their burden.

I also plan to go to the Supernatural convention in Boston in August. It's close and I should be able to afford it all on my own. If my budget permits, I may opt for either Jersey or Chicago again.

That's really it. Everything else is so minute that it rarely interests anyone but me. Sometimes even I don't find it all that interesting. I could go on and on about television shows and movies and current events (I don't pray- but the people in Japan are in my thoughts) but again, don't want to bore. Or offend anyone.

Ok now. That's it.
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