September 11th, 2011

Can't take the sky from me / serenitysan

September 11, 2001

I was heading into work and passed a co-worker outside having a cigarette when I heard. She said, "Did you hear a plane just crashed into the Wold Trade Center?"

When I got inside, one of the few people who had internet access on their computer was on CNN website. The call center was quiet. Eerily so, since most mornings had been hectic. The few callers we had were upset to learn that deliveries were going to be delayed due to "unforeseen circumstances".

My supervisors were really good, they recognized the shear seriousness of the situation and dismissed us. I was in the car listening to the radio when it was announced the pentagon got hit. I arrived home and just turned on the news when the first tower fell.

I cried. I hugged my family. I got high to help reduce the sadness I felt. The people who gave their lives that day just breaks my heart. A needless action over radical beliefs. There was no reason that made sense.

I have never felt so much emotion at one time. I knew the minute I heard that about the first plane, the world as we knew it, was over. Everything changed after 9/11. Everything. We sent our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and friends off to war. Then Bush choked on a pretzel and I couldn't take him serious as a president after that. The economy tanked, gas prices soared, people started losing their jobs, their homes.

On September 11th 2001, America was sent into a tailspin that we still haven't recovered from. Osama bin Laden is dead. Saddam Hussein is dead. The war is still going on. Gas prices will probably never get below $3.00 again.Jobless claims are setting records. It all comes back to what happened 10 years ago on this day.
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