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You best jump far

I'm blue again!. I over did it- but I'm blue none the less. Got my haircut. much shorter then I expected- But I'm liking it.

Went shopping earlier. Got one outfit. I need shoes though. I didn't get shoes. Next time.

My dad felt bad for me because of the cheesecake and bought a Sara Lee one. He is so thoughtful. I need to find me a man like him. Too bad there isn't one.

My DVD player is randomly working. It selects which movies it wants me to watch. I wanna watch Donnie Darko and the damn thing hasn't let me watch in two weeks. It was doing the same thing the other day with Deep Impact and Braveheart. Finally got those to work. But Donnie Darko still fucking won't. Ijust put in Trainspotting. So I guess it Ewan and junk tonight.



You wanna come over to Michigan and watch my DVD player with me?
You got a LJ!!! Ummm Michigan...maybe one day...
Yep, I got one of Patsie's codes. I love this place :D