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You best jump far

My co-worker Cindy had a breakdown at work today. We were out on break and she is normally so very perky. So I asked what was wrong. She started shaking and crying and telling me she wanted to die. My heart went into my throat. I had flashbacks of my own past depression. I hugged her tight and let her cry. We spoke for a bit and she promised she wouldn't do anything. I gave her my phone # in case she has any problems.

*deep breath*

I want to help everyone. It's always been my nature. I still have issues of mine that go unresolved. There is a limit to what I can do. I know that.

I hope for the best.


*happy sigh*
*sigh* I hope your friend is alright, dear - poor thing. I love you loads, La, because I know that there are still good people in this world.
So proud of you for being there for your friend. Sometimes, I think you have a heart of gold. *hugs you*
*Hugs* Thank God for people like you, La. Just those little, simple things can do WONDERS.
I do hope she is just having a moment and nothing is serious... *hugs* I think a friend like you in her life will do at least something, if not a lot. <3