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Writing questions

I'm writing and I need a direction. I have two possible ways I can go and need help. now of course I won't tell specifically what I'm writing and you probably won't know which reponse I choose, but your responses will help me.

So ...

Yes or no?


DF or CF or both?

I know I make no sense- just humor me.


Yes and CF ^^
Thanks you for answering.

*runs off to write it now*
i say CF. if you know anything about music, it's a Perfect 4th. i like the sound of it, lol.
you've captured my interest. i'm very curious now as to what you're writing. :D
The Prologue can be found here

.. some of it's changed. Like the names.
that is absolutely fantastic! definitely keep writing!
CF. :)
OMG! I do this too!! Whenever I'm stuck on some ideas I give each one a number and tell someone to choose one of the numbers for me!

Hmm..well hell, why not both?

Yes, because I can't say no to you.



I have no clue what I just did, but meh...
Yes and both.