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You best jump far

I had forgotten to mentioned.

Donna who sits behind me started babbling this morning about this odd movie she watched last night. She mentioned it was about these two girls who kill one of their mothers and they had imaginary playdoh friends.

I, of course, recognised the movie. I spin around and told her the name of the movie and proceeded to tell her about who directed it and everything I knew about it.

She of course looked at me like I had three heads. She said if anything was in "six degrees of Dominic Monaghan" I would know about it.

Then she call me scary obsessed or something like that and I turned around giggling.



HEAVENLY CREATURES! OMG...one of the best movies EVER! I was a fan of Peter Jackson pre-LOTR, just because of that brilliant movie.
You know I had never really cared before who directed what (except Speilberg) I loved Heavenly Creatures and The Frightners long before I knew Pete directed them. I didn't even realise they were directed by the same person. God I love that man.
Weirdness is good, lol!
LOL Hey, at least we know we are crazy.
I'm not crazy. Who said I was crazy?I am not crazy. Who's spreading lies about me?

Dude, Heavenly Creatures is friggin seminal.

I originally saw it for Kate Winslet.

Brilliant flick.