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You best jump far

mmmmmm Dom.

New tattoo. "Living is easy with eyes closed." Brillant.

What the f*ck are on his feet?

OMG *thud*
I love the way he's digging his foot into the sand.

I'm going to get a few extra copies of the tv guide, one I'm sending to skint.

Is it the 22nd yet? I love the pilot episode, the rest of the "season" is going be awesome.


Is that really what his new tat says? Awesome. Fandoms colliding. ^_^

I so can't wait for the 22nd.
yay! thanks luv.

oh and just in case you didnt receive my reply (seeing how weird lj is acting), my new add is
6/56 mimosa road
carnegie 3163
melbourne, vic

oh and that new pic is killing me too! they'd better show LOST over here soon.
OMG. I love that man. The new tattoo! That's one of my favorite lyrics. *sighs* He's perfect.
Hey, it's Neesha from L&BA. Mind if I friend you?

Nice pics by the way *licks screen* ;)
Added you. =)