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You best jump far

Hetty vs. The Stand

See I never should order more then one thing at a time. I get so flustered cause I don't know what to watch first. I ordered The Stand, because I love the movie and semaphore27's The way the world ends has got me interested in re-reading it, as well as watching it.

Then there's Dom. Come on, why else would I watch Hetty. The episodes I've seen have been ok, but the main reason has always been Dominic.

I supposed since I own both of them, it doesn't matter which one I watch first. Still doesn't make me any less torn to decide.


Decisions, decisions...
I've always ment to watch The Stand!! I love the book.
Ohh I miss Hetty on PBS. They randomly stopped showing it.
I'd go with Hetty. Classic shit, there. Especially the shower/mining episode...mmmm...
*cough* hetty *cough*