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The penguins made me do it.

Oh my goodness. Just realised that the last episode in the first season is Dom in drag. I don't think I've laughed so hard. My, he had nice legs. I want to see them now that he's had a personal trainer. Bet there's a bit more meat on them. Like the arms. Definately more meat there. I wonder if he working towards wash board abs. Could do a lovely layout in playgirl. I'd buy several copies. I think I've had too much sugar this evening. I'm bouncing off the walls. I wish I had some paint, I'd paint. Cleaning will have to do. I've done everything I needed. I got the copy of the tv guide for Skint and I burned WWS for Laurie. I wish the post office was open now, I'd go mail 'em off now. I need something to do. I cleaned the bathroom last night and the kitch already. I'm never in the bedroom long enough to leave a mess. I suppose I could vaccum. Is it polite to vaccum at quater to ten at night? Don't you hate when people make run on paragraph like this. Bugs the crap out of me. Am I bugging you? oooh Maybe I should write some more in my story. I've had ideas floating around my head. but i don't wanna sit still. I wanna dance. Wanna dance with me? Boogie all night long. Maybe I should go to bar, pick up a guy. Yeah right. I was looking at hotel sites today. I'm thinking I might spend the last weekend of my volunteering overnight in Boston. It's also the same days that Sean A is at the museum. My nose is running. I think I've kicked up too much dust. I lit a candle last night and wasn't paying attention. Wax melted all down the holder and onto my stuffed froggie. I went to walmart tonight to buy coasters. They only came in 7's. WTF? I'm a single person. I don't need more then one. And why 7? Why not 6? or 8? Maybe I should start watching the Stand. Now that I'm done with Hetty for the time being. Or maybe MR. *sniffs* maybe I should take a shower. Oh this bright yellow birdie slammed in the building today. It was all still and barely moving. Sharlene brought him across the street to the vets, but it died. It was pretty. had it lived I would have name him George. And we'd be best friends forever. I also bought blank tapes at Wal-mart. Need to tape Lost when it comes on. I want to have every episode. Just because. Dom. And Evangeline. She's purty. Maybe I could make some icons. Nah, requires sitting still. I'm even standing while typing this. My fingers want to be everywhere except where the letters are. I forgot color ink for my printer. Damn it. Oh and the bastards at work, cheated me out of four hours pay. Four hours. There's my ink cartridge x two. Now that I've totally messed with your eyes trying to read my inane babble, I'm off. I still don't know what i want to do yet. I've got energy. I need to get laid. I need Dom. Where's Dom? Oh yeah, tucked firmly away in the back of my mind... alsong with the rest of my sanity.

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