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You best jump far

Trash can man

Just off the phone with Sharlene's sister Melissa. Now have a date for the bridal shower. October 2nd. My duty is to come up with something amusing for us to do. Like games or some sort. Anyone have any ideas (cause I sure don't).

Also I will need to borrow your radio Ma. I volunteered it.

Watching "the Stand" tonight. got through the first two parts and just started number three.

I swear nuregwen is trying to kill us all. This and this just make me squee.


Ohhh! I played this one game at my cousins! Every girl gets a paper clip and attaches it to her shirt. The goal is to not cross your legs the entire time. Say you see your friend "Erin" cross her legs. You take her paperclip and attach it to yours. If "Erin" sees "Debbie" cross her legs, she takes her paper clip. Then "Erin" sees you cross your legs, she takes yours and gets her back…and so on. Whoever has the most at the end wins a prize, or a drink or something.

Another thing we did (I didn't get to participate though), was to carve cucumbers into *ahem* males trouser snakes. The most realistic one wins a prize or whatever.

I dunno if those will help…