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Just when I thought today couldn't get any worse.

Mitch hung himself over the weekend and they found him last night. WTF!??! it's not like the guy was a good friend or anything, but I liked Mitch. He had so much potential. If he only could have straightened out his act. Woulda, shoulda , coulda...

Also found out Katie put a restraining order out on Fred. Big surprise there.

Work absolutely blew the big one today. Nothing but a big aggravation.

Somebody- please lift my spirits. make me remember why I'm here. Why do I wake up everyday and dread where my life is going? Why does my mother still let my ex in the house? Why does he feel the need to go through my belongings? Why can't I be the normal well adjust woman? When does this stop? When do I get my chance?

woulda, shoulda, coulda...
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