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You best jump far

I came from the museum and took a nap. I am now gonna watch Lost once more before it actually premeires because I want to see if I can notice anything that it different. Besides it's Dom and I'm in a Dom mood.

Yeah I lead an exciting life.

ETA - has anyone captured that commercial for Lost yet that focuses solely on Dom? Could you point me in right direction?


I've seen it, but I didn't tape it.

Where is everyone getting the damn pilot? I tried Bearshare and freakin' everywhere. dammit.
I had found it on suprnova as a bittorrent file. Not sure if still there.

If it's let me know. I can upload it to yousendit. Hope you have broadband or dsl- it's 834mb.
It's gone off of there. if it's not much trouble, could you upload it? *gets on knees and bows*

I've got broadband, so it's all good. =)
Click for new windows -Part 1 -500mb

Part 2- 334mb

Ohh! *bows down* Thank you thank you thank you.