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You best jump far

This amuses the hell out of me. I think I know what I'm gonna do at my ma's on Sunday.

OMG- less then 24 hours to Lost. I'm very excited. I'm not sure what more promotion I can do at work to get people to watch tomorrow. I've had several promises. Maybe I'll do that surgical tape on the fingers. I do have some. =)

Not like I need to remind anyone on my friends list to watch. But yeah. ABC September 22nd 8pm Est. Watch it.


The Monaboyd Sims was the last thing to convince me that i needed this game LIEK NOW.

I'm such a sad sack. (g)
Good Lord.

And DH actually offered to buy this for me for my Christmas gift.

Little does he know...
Lost? Never heard of it.


Funny picture album of Dom and Billy, I have to say!!! Looked strangely familiar to me. HA! It was hilarious! Need I say I am a little old-fashioned. But, this game is so much FUN!!! I knew you'd come around to it....someday! Guess you will be saving up $49.99 +tax, or at Target, I think it is $45.99.....Whatever. You'll probably go to Best Buy! Enough said! See you Sunday for sure!.....Love, Ma